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When You Need a California
Family Law Attorney

Family law is a highly nuanced legal area, involving both emotional and technical legal components. If you are dealing with a divorce or preparing for child custody hearings, you need a lawyer you can trust to handle your case honestly and efficiently. You need someone who is there for you and is willing to prioritize your interests over all else.

At the law office of C. Alexandre Barbera, Attorney at Law, my only priority is reaching the best possible solution for you. In all cases, I do what I can to limit the time and money needed to resolve the issues.

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The Experience to Resolve Your Case Efficiently and Effectively

I have focused on family law for over 35 years and, prior to that, was a business and tax attorney for five years. This early experience greatly adds to my current focus on family law and allows me to offer divorce clients additional insight on business and financial matters. 

In my four decades of law practice, I have handled many cases involving everything from marriage dissolution to child support and adoption. You can learn more about the services I provide on my practice areas page.

During my years as a family law attorney, I have become familiar with the laws and statutes guiding family law decisions in California. I have also built strong relationships with judges and other attorneys throughout the state, especially in the Sacramento metropolitan area.

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